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Excerpt from Journaling Away Mommy's Grief 1/5/98

At Christmas time Daddy and I were sad. You were supposed to be with us; a fresh three-month-old with new smiles and sleepy eyes. You would be wearing small Christmas pajamas from Grammy since she always buys new red pajamas for all her grandchildren. Instead you are in heaven. How we love you and miss you. We bought angel ornaments with your name on them. We gave one to each of the grandparents in remembrance of you. They are hurting and sad and missing you too. It felt so good to give these gifts in honor of you. I cried with each round.

This angel ornament was the first of thirteen different ornaments that we have collected in honor of Margaret. Each Christmas our other children hand the "Margaret" ornaments to my husband and me so we can adorn our tree with symbols of her everlasting place in our family.