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Daddy is grieving too 6/18/11

Tomorrow is Father’s Day: A day to make dad’s coffee too strong or too weak, to embark on a picnic or hike, play a round of wiffle ball, have a barbecue or just go for a bike ride together. Father’s Day is a day to remember fathers but it is also a very difficult day for dads who have lost babies or children. In my book I tell a mother’s experience of loss. I did this because this was the experience I knew first hand and because a mother’s experience of grief and a father’s are so vastly different. It is my intentional hope that by taking readers along on my mothering grief journey, I not only validate mommy’s grief but also daddy’s grief as well.
As Dr. Stetson so eloquently writes in Grief Digest ( ): “While the death of an infant is so irrationally considered by our society to be more of a mother’s issue than a father’s grief, it is a haunting silent partner in many men’s lives affecting their relationships in a subtle and mysterious way.”