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Sibling Love Is True Love

Just as adults need to find ways to process their grief, children must find ways too. Since children live in the moment, sometimes it comes naturally like when my oldest daughter, Elizabeth, said to me. “When is Margaret coming back because I am ready to play with her?” Or years later when my middle daughter, Winnie, made a snow angel and came running in the house and announced to me that it was for Margaret, a sister she had never met. Or several months ago when my youngest daughter, Lila, wrote the poem that is posted below. She wrote it for her stillborn older sister, Margaret. When I read it I was speechless for it said it all. Lila was only eight-years-old when she wrote this poem, but grief creates in each of us a wisdom beyond our years.

Those who have not gone through
the loss of a baby or child do not realize that there can still be a powerful
bond between a sibling alive and a sibling who has died. I think Lila’s poem
proves this point beyond a shadow of a doubt. God bless all the siblings who
have lost a brother or sister.


I had a dream
roses and tulips
in a field
They blew away
It was dark and cold
I cried all the grass away
Then an angel appeared
She said,
“I am Margaret
Here are the tulips
Here are the roses
Here is the grass.”
I said,
“Why did you do that for me?”
She said,
“That is what sisters do.”
“I love you,”
I said

Written by Lila Chambers Worgan