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National Infant and Pregnancy Loss Day

Excerpt from Journaling Away Mommy's Grief, page 34

A Letter to My Baby 10/9/97

..."You with you perfect round nose and long fingers,
You would have been born last week, a few days ago, maybe even yesterday.
You would have been in my arms feeling the newness of the outside world.
You would have been listening to the quacking of the ducks, the pitter-patter of your siblings,
You would have felt my arms holding you tightly against my breasts that would have
been filled with mother's milk for you to drink, to nurture you, to sustain life.
BUT your life is already over. Your heart stopped beating over a month ago....

On this day when I join all other moms of loss I was struck by an article I read about a woman who donated her breast milk after losing her baby. I am always learning new ways to heal and help others and I had never heard of this before, but it is a brilliant idea.
I remember, after losing Margaret, sitting in the bath tub with breasts like pineapples, so full of milk, tears dripping on my knees, and having no baby to feed. I felt this was beyond cruel, and my body desperately wanted to feed a baby. I think being able to donate my milk would have truly helped me deal with this physical reaction to birthing my stillborn baby. Bravo to Amy, her babies and the babies she fed in 5 states and 3 countries! Read on to see how you can support her work.